Sharon Rundle

Sharon Rundle

Relatively True 

Stories of Truth, Deception, Post-Truth

from the Indian Subcontinent and Australia

Edited by Meenakshi Bharat & Sharon Rundle

Orient Black Swan, India, 2022

Sharon Rundle has a deep love for the art of the short story. She is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) and the Society of Editors NSW. She has co-edited five anthologies of short fiction from Australia and the Indian Subcontinent. Her stories, essays and articles have been published in a range of books, anthologies, journals and magazines, including: ‘Feminine Fluidity: New Horizon in the Fiction of Chandani Lokugé’ in Claiming Space: Australian Women Writers; ‘India is like Saffron’ in Transnational Literature; ‘Tackling the Topic of Terrorism’ in Southerly; ‘Kalpana Downunder’ in  Indo-Australian Relations: Retrospective and Prospective; ‘Cherryullain Encounters Modern Australian Short Stories; ‘Room Six‘, recorded in London by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, published and broadcast around the Commonwealth, was awarded a Commonwealth (Regional Oceania) Short Story prize. She has edited several books of fiction and nonfiction. She was Editor for the UTS Writers’ Alumni magazine Writers Connect and the Society of Women Writers NSW magazine Women’s Ink. She has taught creative and professional writing courses and workshops at universities, colleges, libraries and institutions in the UK, India and Australia for more than twenty-five years.

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