Meenakshi Barat

Meenakshi Barat

Relatively True 

Stories of Truth, Deception, Post-Truth

from the Indian Subcontinent and Australia

Edited by Meenakshi Bharat & Sharon Rundle

Orient Black Swan, India, 2022

Meenakshi Bharat, is a published writer, translator, reviewer and cultural theorist, teaches in the University of Delhi. Her wide and variegated writing, both creative and critical, is spurred by contemporary concerns. Her love of the short story form took her to co-editing four successful Indo-Australian Short Fiction anthologies (Fear Factor: Terror Incognito, Alien Shores: Asylum Seekers and Refugees, Only Connect: Technology and Us, Glass Walls: Stories of Tolerance and Intolerance), which have variously taken on the burning issues of terrorism, asylum seekers, technology and us and tolerance and intolerance. In line with her alertness to contemporary issues, her most recent critical writing include two monographs, Troubled Testimonies: Terrorism and the English Novel in India, and Shooting Terror: Terrorism and the Hindi Film, and an edited volume, Representing the Familiar and the Exotic. She also has a children’s book Little Elephant throws a Party. She has served the cause of literatures and languages as the President of the International Federation of Modern Languages and Literatures (FILLM, UNESCO)

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