Relatively True

Relatively True is a vibrant collection of short fiction on the complex themes of FAKE NEWS. Editors Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle bring together a diverse group of renowned writers from the Indian subcontinent and Australia to explore these themes. Their stories are compelling, urgent and thought-provoking. They trace the lives of those affected by the lies, half-truths and metaphorical and literal erected by society to offer a glimpse of a divided world, but one that is by no means devoid of compassion.

Outstanding authors contribute to this deep dive into creativity on FAKE NEWS. The writers include Kate Grenville AO award winning author of Lilian’s Story, The Secret River and The Lieutenant; Yasmine Gooneratne AO who received Sri Lanka Sahithya Rathna lifetime achievenent award, Tony Birch author of ‘Ghost River’ the winner of the Victorian Premier’s for Indigenous Writing, Priya Sarukkai Chabria founding editor of ‘Poetry at Sangram’.

Other writers are Shirley Hazzard, Eugen Bacon, Gulzar, Meenakshi Bharat, Alex Cothren, Devika Brendon, Sharon Rundle, Cate Kennedy, Anne Benjamin, Sujata Sankranti, Andrew Kwong, Mitra Phukan, Bashabi Fraser, Rashida Murphy, Sunil Badami, Niharika Chibber Joe, Matt Lupton, Susanne Gervay, Janhavi Acharekar, Gayatri Gill, Julia Prendergast. Proem by Dr Roanna Gonsalves.

His Excellency, The Australian High Commissioner to India, Mr Barry O’Farrell AO

At the outset I would like to congratulate, Sharon, Meenakshi, all the contributors and the publishers Orient Black Swan on the fifth Indo-Australian Anthology of short fiction, Relatively True.

I hope this anthology will enthral its readers as much as it did to me. With its thought-provoking narratives, this collection of short stories explores the underlying human predicament as diverse characters navigate the contemporary realities across cultures and boundaries.

The stories, with all their twists and turns, beautifully draw out that one’s truth is entrenched in one’s own belief system. As true friends, Australia and India share a common belief system, which is defined by our democratic values and diversity. As we work together to navigate the rapidly changing realities of our world and support each other as critical partners on the international stage, we need to understand each other at multiple levels.

Comprising of writings of internationally acclaimed Australian, Indian and diaspora writers, this anthology provides a valuable window into cultures and lives, an understanding as it were of each other’s truth. There is no better way of building bridges of understanding and friendship than through stories.

Literature has remained an integral part of the Australian Government’s public diplomacy engagement in India. In last few years we have been strategically working with various stakeholders in India and Australia to highlight the diverse and vibrant voices from both countries. More and more diaspora writers and Indian writers are being read and featured at

In my view, this anthology is timely and a commendable effort in keeping the literary dialogue between Australia-India going, especially in times when physical interactions remain restricted.

Australian literary festivals and vice versa.

Yours sincerely

The Hon Barry O’Farrell AO

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Relatively True

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Stories of Truth, Deception, Post-Truth from the Indian Subcontinent and Australia.

Title : Relatively True
Editors : Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle
Publisher : Distributer FEM
Format : PB
ISBN : 978 93 5442 305 5
Format : Adult