About Us

About Us

A new and dynamic company, Flying Elephant Media (FEM) is an independent publisher that publishes unique stories through multiple platforms. While the FEM focus is children’s and young adult fiction that both entertain and engage in meaningful ideas, FEM is open to innovative anthologies and adult fiction.

The Team

FEM engages in story for young people through traditional books, e-books, animations and multiple mediums – a new and dynamic company, providing children’s stories through both new and traditional platforms.

Based in Sydney, FEM embraces innovation and passionate creators, translating those ideas into accessible narrative.

With a small team, FEM is passionate about stories that make a difference.

The Ethos

FEM is committed to diversity, gender equity, inclusion and stories that resonate with both young people and adults. This is reflected in FEM’s first title, Elephants Have Wings a picture book that ‘demonstrates with great power that we can teach our children profound truths and timeless values.’ Professor Pattanaik, Banaras Hindu University, India. While based in Sydney, the goal is to reach a global market with enduring stories, both new and a classic collection


FEM’s distributer is PERIBO, Daintree Books, Amazon and Online bookstores.

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